Introducing The Ambient Retrofuture Lick Pack


Hey friend!

How's it going? I hope you're having a great week, playing lots of music and guitar :) Thanks again for being a part of the Optics family, I really appreciate it.

Alright, let's get to it. I wanted to let you know about something I have created that I believe can help anyone who's looking to improve their skills as a guitarist. It's called the Ambient Retrofuture Guitar Lick Pack.

So what the frig is that you ask?? Well, let me explain by showing you what it comes with:

10 guitar licks and instrumental tracks written by Optics

  • 10 guitar licks and instrumental tracks written by Optics

  • Musescore and PDF versions of the guitar tab for each track

  • Full speed and slow speed versions so you can start at an easier pace

  • MP3 and video, so you can see what the lick looks like when I play it!

  • 15-minute backing track versions of each instrumental for practising over

  • Detailed explanations of each lick, including the key, tempo, fingerboard diagram, and key takeaways

You may be thinking, "that's cool and all dude, but what am I really gonna get out of this?"

Well, my goal is to help you become a better guitar player. Here's what will happen when you get this pack:

1) Play With More Emotion By Learning New Licks

When you look at the guitar from another player's perspective, it will widen your range of playing. I have always found that the best way to improve my playing was by learning as much as I can from others and packaging it in my own way. I've done so with these licks, and now it's your turn to do the same!

3) Learn Several Different Styles Of Playing

Each lick will push you in a different direction, whether it be the mood of the backing track, or the techniques used on the guitar. You'll gain insight into what to play in certain situations, and you'll be challenged with techniques such as hybrid picking, fluid articulation combinations, and fast tapping legato sequences.

3) Boost Your Improvisation With Modern Backing Tracks

Ever notice how a lot of backing tracks sound like the stock song on an old-school Casio keyboard?? Well, in addition to being a guitarist, I'm also an electro-pop music producer and large-scale recording studio owner. So each backing track is professionally produced with modern sounds in it. Much more fun to jam over!

I've managed to pack this all up and price at just $19.

So if you're looking to get better at improvising, expand your guitar lick library, and have practice material to work with, then this pack is for you.