Pics From The Needle And New Music

Hey guys!

Just wanna say thanks to everyone who came out to the show on June 30th at the Needle in Edmonton, I had a blast! Also, thanks to Royal Tusk, Norell, and Calling All Captains for letting me play alongside them, and to John Kennedy for booking Optics on the show. We filmed the show, so I hope to be putting out a live video by the end of the month. Stay tuned for that!

What's next for Optics? Well, I'm putting the finishing touches on a second single, which I'm hoping I can get out by September. After that, we're working hard on the album! Thanks to everyone who listened so far :) 

Here's some awesome photos from the show, taken by the amazing Keenan Kirk at Kid Pixel


That's it for now! I'll keep you guys updated with what's happening next in the Optics camp!